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The Boltzmann Medal

The Boltzmann Medal (2007) has been awarded to:

Kurt Binder and Giovanni Gallavotti

The Boltzmann Medal Cerimony will take place
on Wednesday July 11 (morning).
The two winners will also deliver
Plenary Lectures on this occasion.


The Boltzmann award was instituted by the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) Commission on Statistical Physics to honour outstanding achievements in Statistical Physics. It is awarded during the STATPHYS meetings of the IUPAP.

The award, consisting of a gilded medal, honours outstanding achievements in statistical physics. The recipient should be a scientist who has not received the Boltzmann Medal or Nobel Prize before.

Winners of the Boltzmann Medal

1975 K.G. Wilson
1977 R. Kubo
1980 R.J. Baxter
1983 M.E. Fisher
1986 D. Ruelle and Y. Sinai
1989 L.P. Kadanoff
1992 J. Lebowitz and G. Parisi
1995 S.F. Edwards
1998 E. Lieb and B. Widom
2001 Berni J. Alder and Kyozi Kawasaki
2004 E. G. D. Cohen and H. E. Stanley
2007 Kurt Binder and Giovanni Gallavotti