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Invited Speakers

Plenary Speakers

J. P. Bouchaud (Cea Saclay, France)
Title:"Growth of amorphous long-range order in viscous liquids and the glass transition"

J. Cardy (Univ. of Oxford, UK)
Title: "Entanglement Entropy in Extended Quantum Systems"

C. Jarzynski (Univ. of Maryland, USA)
Title: "Nonequilibrium work theorems: foundations and applications"

R. Grimm (Univ. of Innsbruk, Austria)
Title: "Ultracold Fermi Gases"

S. Leibler (Rockefeller Univ, New York, USA)
Title: "Noise, information and survival: some lessons from microbes"

H. N. Lekkerkerker (Univ. of Utrecht, The Netherlands)
Title: "Life at ultralow interfacial tension: wetting, waves and droplets in demixed colloid-polymer mixtures"

A. Montanari (Stanford University and Ecole Normale Sup., Paris, France)
Title: "Phase Transitions and Gibbs Measures in Information and Communication Systyems"

A. Vespignani (Indiana Univ. Bloomington, USA)
Title: "Epidemic models in complex networks"

Topic 1: General aspects of statistical physics; thermodynamics; rigorous results and exact solutions.

M. Aizenman (Princeton Univ., USA)
Title: "Insights from Statistical Mechanics on the Spectra and Dynamics of Operators with Disorder"

S. Ruffo (Univ. of Firenze, Italy)
Title: "Equilibrium and non-equilibrium features of systems with long range interactions"

H. Tasaki (Gakushuin Univ., Tokyo, Japan)
Title: "Hubbard model and the origin of ferromagnetism"

Topic 2: Phase transitions and critical phenomena (equilibrium).

D. Achlioptas (Univ. of California Santa Cruz, USA)
Title: "Phase transitions in hard optimization problems and their algorithmic implications"

A. Gambassi (MPI fuer Metallforschung, Stuttgart, Germany)
Title: "Relaxation phenomena at criticality"

A.J. Liu (Univ. of Penn., Philadelphia, USA)
Title: "The mixed nature of the jamming phase transition"

Topic 3: Nonequilibrium systems: driven systems, transport theory, relaxation phenomena, random processes.

M. Barma (Tata Institute, Mumbai, India)
Title: "Clustering of sliding passive scalars driven by fluctuating surfaces"

A. Bray (Univ. of Manchester, UK)
Title: "Exact results in two-dimensional coarsening"

A. Dhar (Raman Research Inst., Bangalore, India)
Title: "Heat conduction in one dimensional systems"

M. J. de Oliveira (Univ. of Sao Paulo, Brasil)
Title: "Conservative ensembles in nonequilibrium particle systems"

H. Park (Korea Institute of Adv. Studies, Seoul, Korea)
Title: "Nonequilibrium phase transitions into absorbing states"

U. Seifert (Univ. of Stuttgart, Germany)
Title: "Stochastic thermodynamics: theory and experiments"

P. Sollich (King’s College Univ. of London, UK)
Title: "Kinetic constraints, reaction-diffusion processes and negative effective temperatures in non-equilibrium dynamics"

Topic 4: Pattern formation in systems out of equilibrium: growth processes, fracture, hydrodynamic instabilities, chemical reactions etc.

J. S. Andrade (Univ. Fed. do Ceara’, Fortaleza, Brasil)
Title: "Particle transport and flow in irregular structures"

H. Hilhorst (Univ. of Paris sud, Orsay, France)
Title: "The statistics of Voronoi tilings"

L. Mahadevan (Harvard Univ., Cambridge, USA)
Title: "Soft hydraulics: physics and physiology of gels, cells and tissues"

M. Carmen Miguel (Univ. de Barcelona, Spain)
Title: "Material yielding and irreversible deformation: The role of defects, geometry and disorder"

S. R. Quake (Stanford University, USA)
Title: "Microfluidic Pattern Formation"

D. Quere (ESPCI Paris, France)
Title: "Wetting of microtextured surfaces"

Topic 5: Dynamical systems and turbulence.

H. Chate (Cea Saclay, France)
Title: TBA

B. Eckhardt (Univ. of Marburg, Germany)
Title: "How does flow in a pipe become turbulent?"

R. Livi (Italy)
Title: "Synchronization in spatially extended systems"

R. Pandit (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India)
Title: "Dynamic Multiscaling in Turbulence"

S. Succi (IAC-CNR, Roma, Italy)
Title: "Lattice Boltzmann across scales: from turbulence to DNA translocation"

Topic 6: Liquid matter and interfacial phenomena: atomic, molecular and ionic fluids,freezing, metastable liquids, wetting, surface effects, confined systems etc.

M Barbosa (UFRGS, Porto Alegre, Brasil)
Title: "Thermodynamic, Dynamic and Structural Anomalous Behavior of Simple Liquids"

F. Bresme (Imperial College, London, UK)
Title: Wetting phenomena at nanoscale interfaces"

L. Demirel (Koc Univ., Istanbul, Turkey)
Title: "Superhydrophobic Surfaces"

M. Mueller (Univ. of Goettingen, Germany)
Title: "Phase transitions and interface fluctuations in double wedges and pyramides with competing surface fields"

B. Ocko (Brookhaven Nat. Lab., Stony Brook, USA)
Title: "Liquids on the Nanoscale"

F. Sciortino (Univ. of Roma La Sapienza, Italy)
Title: "Empty Liquids and Ideal Gels"

Topic 7: Soft condensed matter: polymers, liquid crystals, microemulsions, foams, membranes, colloids, granular material etc.

T. Aste (Australian Nat. Univ., Canberra)
Title: "Insight into disorder: the structure of granular materials"

M. Kardar (MIT, Boston, USA)
Title: "The tightness of polymer knoots"

K. Kremer (MPI Mainz, Germany)
Title: "Simulation studies of soft matter: generic statistical properties and chemical details"

D. Lohse (Univ. of Twente, The Netherlands)
Title: "Impact on soft granular matter: the role of air"

A. Petri (ISC-CNT, Tor Vergata, Italy)
Title: "Stochastic motion equation for the response of granular media under shear"

A. Sood (Indian Inst. of Science, Bangalore, India)
Title: "Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Shear Bands en route to Rheochaos"

Topic 8: Quantum systems: quantum phase transitions, strongly correlated fermions, Bose- Einstein condensation, mesoscopic quantum phenomena, localization, etc.

B. Altshuler (Columbia Univ. New York, USA)
Title: "Many-Body Localization"

K. Schoutens (Univ. of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Title: "Superfrustration of charge degrees of freedom"

T. Senthil (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India)
Title: "Quantum criticality beyond the Landau-Ginzburg-Wilson paradigm"

Topic 9: Disordered and glassy systems: percolation systems, spin glasses, structural glasses, glass transition, etc.

L. De Arcangelis (Univ. of Napoli, Italy)
Title: "Statistical Properties and Universality in Earthquake and Solar Flare Occurrence"

S. Franz (ICTP, Trieste, Italy)
Title: "Glasses and spin glasses with long but finite interaction range"

J. Kurchan (ESPCI Paris, France)
Title: "A landscape analysis of constraint satisfaction problems"

C. Toninelli (Laboratoire de Probabilites et Modeles Aleatoires, Univ. Paris VI-VII, France)
Title: "Jamming percolation and glass transition in lattice models"

P. G. Wolynes (Univ. of California San Diego, USA)
Title: "Unified Classical and Quantum Theories of Structural Glasses"

Topic 10: Biologically motivated problems: biological networks, molecular motors, dynamics at the scale of the cell, evolution models, protein-folding models, statistical modelling of biological data etc.

E. Domany (Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel)
Title: "Genomic Instabilities, DNA copy number changes and Cancer"

S. Hell (MPI Biophys. Chem., Goettingen, Germany)
Title: "Breaking Abbe’s barrier: Far field fluorescence microscopy with diffraction-unlimited resolution"

T. Hwa (Univ. of California, San Diego, USA)
Title: "Theory of Bacterial Growth Control"

Qi Ou-Yang (Dept. of Physics, Peknig Univ., China)
Title: "The dynamic properties of a biological network"

Topic 11: Interdisciplinary topics in statistical physics: networks, econophysics, traffic flow, algorithmic problems, astrophysical applications, etc.

A. Benyoussef (University Mohammed V, Morocco)
Title: "Disorder effect on traffic flow behavior"

G. Caldarelli (NFM-CNR, Roma)
Title: "Self--organized network evolution coupled to extremal dynamics"

D. Chowdhury (Indian Inst. of Technology, Kanpur, India)
Title: "Intra-cellular traffic: Bio-molecular motors on filamentary tracks"

D. Farmer (Santa Fe Institute, USA)
Title: "Statistical mechanics of the continuous double action"

I. Kondor (Collegium Budapest, Hungary)
Title: "Phase transitions in portfolio selection"

M. Newman (Santa Fe Institute, USA)
Title: "Modularity, community structure, and the spectral properties of networks"

F. Sylos Labini (Centro Fermi and ISC-CNR, Italy)
Title: "Gravitational clustering and galaxy structures"

T. Tanaka (Kyoto University, Japan)
Title: "Mean field theory of communication"

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