Welcome to Statphys 23


Instructions for speakers

  • Speakers must respect scheduled times.
  • All halls are equipped with a PC connected to an LCD projector.
  • Only Computer LCD Projection is available.
  • Speakers are kindly requested to use Microsoft Office XP format (Powerpoint XP) or PDF.
  • At least half a day (better one day) before your talk, you should go to the SPEAKER'S READY ROOM and bring your talk, on a CD or on a USB memory. Be sure to embed all the standard fonts in the PPT or PDF file.
  • It is not possible to use your own laptop: the Speaker's Ready Room should resolve any type of problem.
  • There will be no Over Head Projector. Your transparencies must be scanned and pasted on a PPT or PDF file before your arrival.


Poster Session Guidelines

  • The size of your poster can be up to 900mm (wide) x 1500mm (height).
    Standard sizes such us A0 (841mm x 1189mm) or A1 are fine.
  • Poster boards (Size: 1000mm (wide), 2000mm (height)) are provided by the conference.


Internet at the conference

A limited number of Wi-Fi ports (simultaneous connection of up to approximately 300 people) will be avalilable in specific areas to Statphys participants. There will be also some PC and ethernet cables. For security reasons (law on informatic crime), if you intend to use any of these systems, it is necessary to register and provide a copy of a document. In order to facilitate this procedure it would be advisable to bring a copy of your ID or passport.


Important Notice for who paid via Bank Wire Transfer

If you paid via Bank Wire Transfer, please bring a copy of the receipt of your payment to the registration desk. Many Universities did not specify the surname of the participants in the Bank Wire Transfer statement, therefore the receipt will greatly semplify your registration procedure.