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Young Scientist Award in Statistical Physics

The 2007 Young Scientist Award in Statistical Physics has been assigned to:
Dr. Giulio Biroli and Dr. Tomohiro Sasamoto.
Cerimony will take place during Statphys 23.


Dr. Giulio Biroli
For his studies on the thermodynamics and dynamical properties of the glass transition and jamming phenomena.

Dr. Tomohiro Sasamoto
For his contributions to the study of non-equilibrium steady states by providing exact solutions to models of driven systems.


Call for nominations for the 2007 Young Scientist Award in Statistical Physics

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to draw your attention to the Young Scientist Award in Statistical Physics which has recently been established by the C3 commission on Statistical Physics of IUPAP. The award is aimed at recognizing outstanding achievements of scientists at early stages of their career in the broad field of statistical physics. Up to three awards will be presented every three years on the occasion of the Statphys conference. The first round of this award will take place during the Statphys 23 conference which will be held in Genova, Italy July 9 - 13, 2007.

The award, consisting of a certificate citing the contributions made by the recipient, a medal and $1000, honours specific outstanding achievements in the field of statistical physics. The recipient should not have reached the age of 37 on July 1st 2007. Adjustment for time not spent in research will be made in certain cases (for example, for women who had taken maternity leave).

The winner or winners of the award will be chosen by a selection committee, consisting of the members of the C3 Commission (A. N. Berker, A. Coniglio, S. Dietrich, P. Gaspard, C. Gruber, A. Hansen, D. Mukamel, H. Nishimori, H. Orland, S. Ramaswamy, A. Robledo, M. Schick, M. Telo da Gama).

Nominations for the award should be sent to me before December 31st, 2006. The nominations must be accompanied by a CV, a list of publications and a description, about one page long, of the specific achievements of the nominee. This should include a listing of the publication or publications for which the nomination is suggested. Self nominations are not acceptable.

We would appreciate it if you could inform other members of the statistical physics community of this newly established award, since we would like to make sure to consider the best possible nominees.

With best regards,

David Mukamel
(Chairman, C3 Commission)
Department of Physics of Complex Systems
The Weizmann Institute of Science
Rehovot 76100, Israel
Fax: +972 - 8 - 9344109

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